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OM Ganeshaya Namaha

Jyotish is a remarkably powerful tool for interpreting a birth chart.

But a Vedic birth chart contains so much information that sometimes it can be down-right overwhelming.

Pundit Mahesh Shastriji recently invited me to present some Jyotish lessons to you on his site.

And the result is …

Welcome to the Jyotish Tutorial Series!

The Jyotish Tutorial series is a new series of articles hosted at Pundit Mahesh Shastriji’s site My Panchang (an excellent site that I’ve referred you to before).

The tutorials are sequential, bite-size lessons on how to interpret a Vedic chart.

The lessons are intermediate level, assuming you already know the basics of Jyotish. If you’re brand new to Jyotish and want to learn some basics and then follow along, I recommend some good beginner books here.

Each sub-series will center around a given aspect of life.

First Up: Finan¢ial A$trology

Given what’s going on in the world, I thought it would be good to start with the area of financial astrology.

You will learn:

  • What the financial indicators are in an individual’s chart
  • How to interpret and translate them into meaningful and useful information
  • How to spot both opportunities and challenges
  • How to take best advantage of both

Links to the Individual Articles (will go live as they publish)


Announcing a New Jyotish Tutorial Series

An announcement about the series with details about what I’ll cover in this first set of lessons which will be on Financial Jyotish.

0.0 Introduction to Financial Jyotish

Good ideas to keep in mind as you look at financial indicators. Some important concepts that are not specific to financial analysis are covered briefly.

1.0 Basic Money Indicators

1.1 Natural money planets

1.2 Money Houses

1.3 Difficult houses (dusthanas) and ways to work with them

2.0 Planets and Yogas (combinations)

2.1 Functional money planets & Dhana Yogas

2.1.1 Functional money planets

2.1.2 Dhana Yogas

2.2 Each planet as a money planet or as influenced by other planets (non-yoga combinations)

2.3 More good money yogas

2.4 Difficult money yogas

2.5 Lifelong vs. temporary influences

Next up:

3.0 Placement

3.1 Houses

3.1.1 Lagnas: Ascendant, Moon, relevant karakas

3.1.2 Houses 1-12

3.2 Signs

3.3 Nakshatras

4.0 Harmonic Charts

4.1 Harmonic Charts as they relate to finance

4.2 A special way to calculate the Hora (money) chart

Note that the My Panchang site doesn’t have the ability for us to interact. So …

You can leave your questions and comments here so we can interact directly.

I hope you’ll join us. You can also share this series with your friends on Twitter and Facebook using the buttons below.

And now: Comments? Questions? Please leave them below and I’ll respond … Thank you!

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Comments (44)

    Thank you very much for taking time to teach us . I am at present in Germany and am looking forward to your tutorials.kk


    This is an ignorant question, but how does Vedic Astrology differ from the Western Astrology? (I’m not even sure if that’s what its called!). I have been very interested in digging deeper into Astrology and this comes at the perfect time.

    Will there be an email list we can sign up for to get notifications of new lessons?


      Not an ignorant question at all (and yes, that’s what it’s called). It’s THE question I get about Jyotish. It’s a lot to go into in a comment reply but I’m writing a guest post for Angela at Powered by Intuition right now about exactly that. It’s a complex form of astrology and there are quite a lot of technical differences, most of which I can’t possibly cover in one article.

      Hey all! I’ve since written 2 articles to answer Lindsay’s question “How does Vedic Astrology differ from the Western Astrology?”
      Here’s Part 1, and here’s Part 2. Enjoy!

      The thing is, the tutorial series is hosted at My Panchang where most readers are already very familiar with Vedic astrology. So I won’t be teaching the basics, but jumping into ways to apply them. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

      Personally, I think Jyotish is amazing, and if you want to learn it, I encourage you! I could recommend some beginner books (and you only need one). You could pick up the basics and then benefit from the tutorials, I think.

      As to the email list, I’m not sure it still applies for you, but let me think about that. (Maybe I can use my newsletter list…)

      Thanks for your interest. (You’ve got me thinking about perhaps a beginner’s class at my site — or something!)


    When will the lessons become available? I’m excited! Thank you!


    Hi Patti
    I enjoyed 1.1. I appreciate the way you are breaking such a complex microcosmos down into simple units for teaching and reflection.



      Aw, thanks, Nanette. Yes… I decided that unless I keep them simple, bite-size pieces, some of the topics could quickly get unweildy. Of course the units ultimately tie together which we’ll begin to see shortly. So glad you’re checking in!


    My Jupiter is in Virgo – House 1. I think this means I’d be good in health services – makes sense to me! I suppose that’s where I’ll make my money, too. Well, I work for the Arthritis Society & I am a doula & Reiki practitioner, so sounds like this is accurate in my case! 🙂


      Hi Lindsay,
      That would all fit, definitely — good interpretation!
      I’m curious, are you talking tropical zodiac? Do you know how this all falls in a sidereal chart? That’s what all this is based on.
      (If you want your sidereal chart, send me your birth info and I’ll send you your chart w/a few little comments.)
      Thanks for coming by and for commenting!


    This post is very much informative in context. I like to admire the way you explain the topic.
    While this journey culminates with the gain of divine knowledge we know it has to start with the ability to address and seek solutions to your current problems. This is a journey of faith and that can only happen with the results you see today. We seek to enable that through the most ancient, accurate, consistent, widely practiced and appreciated science in every culture and civilization known as JYOTISH


    Hello Patti,

    OMG I love your financial astrology tutorials. I have a copy of my vedic chart but didn’t know anything about how to interpret it and your basic tutorial opened my eyes.

    No matter how careful I am with my money and resources I’m always just barely getting by, so I’ve been focused on finding my “wealth formula” and overcoming what seems to be a chronic dilemma.

    After reading your tutorial I think I may be doing the wrong work. My Jupiter is in Pisces in the 8th house. I have Venus in Leo in the first house and Saturn in the second house in Virgo. I was beginning to think I was destined to be poor but maybe that’s not the case at all. Maybe I could improve this area of my life by looking at a different way of working.

    Funny…just yesterday I caught myself thinking that I really like to work behind the scenes.

    I wish I could hire your services but as usual, I need to pay some bill. I hope you will continue this series.

    By the way I found your blog when I saw you on the A-List Blogging site and I’m so glad I did. I share your outlook on life.


      Hi Gail,

      Oooo, how exciting! I love your enthusiasm for this amazing art/science of Jyotish — you’re contagious!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the tutorial series. I think the next article will give you a lot more to sink your teeth into.

      In fact, both your Jupiter and Saturn seem very well-placed and together create a Raja Yoga — good for ability and fulfillment. And the lord of your 10th of career is creative and artistic Venus, right there in your ascendant — creative Leo! I sure hope that whatever you’re doing you get to exercise your obvious creativity!

      As to money, that Jupiter is doubly signifant (as you already know) — and/but you have to remember that your dasha periods play a big role in if/when a certain planet’s energies manifest strongly. So maybe it’s largely about timing in your case (or maybe not — I don’t have your whole chart).

      I’m so happy you’re joining us for the series. And thanks so much for your comment — it did my heart good. 😀


    Tutorial on Finance House: My 2 house if Taurus and aspected by Saturn and Venus in 8th and Jupiter in 6th. Also, the 5th house is Leo is aspected by Satrin in 8th. Does this mean Purva Puna is not good ( beacuse of saturn Aspect on 5th). What can we learn from this about the income levels.



      Hi Ramani,

      Thanks for your questions! First, about purva puna, making a blanket statement that it’s not good because of Saturn’s aspect would not be wise. Saturn can present challenges but it also brings gifts! In fact, in this chart, as ruler of 11H it’s even a money planet. So really you need to consider all the factors.

      As to the income levels, again, it depends on the entire chart and more than what we can discuss here, but we can use the information I gave you about the money houses: As rulers of the 11th and 2nd, Saturn and Venus are both money planets. And they both influence earning by their 2nd house aspect. And Saturn aspects his own 10th house which is good. So this could show their energies helping with earning via the career. How that might come about may be related to their 8H/Scorpio position. Here you can refer to the tutorial on the dusthanas and see how the 8th house might related to finances.

      Does that help? Hope so! Thanks again for coming by.

      P.S. I just realized that the idea that lords of money houses are money planets is something I go into in the latest article which I’ve submitted to My Panchang, but which hasn’t been published — so theoretically you “don’t know” that yet. 😉 Perhaps once he publishes it, it can help give more direction about using the money houses.


        Saturn in the 8th house with Venus also in 8th and saturn aspecting the 10th house has created extreme hurdles in terms of job satisfaction and getting a job. what it has done is to make me grow spiritually. I have ketu in lagna ( aries). Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in 6th , Rahu and Sun in Seventh Libra and Moon in Gemini. Why is my professional career taken a total hit and does seem to be constantly threatening the very chnace of getting a job? Major crowding of planets in dushstahana houses.
        Sorry If I have aske you too many things.


          Hi Ramani,

          First, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you! I only just now realized this was a new comment, I thought it was the one I already responded to.

          I’m not sure what to say to you … I certainly see the challenges you’re facing, but really getting into it would almost require a reading (e.g. dasa periods and nakshatras come into play too).

          Still, here are just a few thoughts.

          You’ve got the lord of the 6th exalted in the 6th with Jupiter (a money planet in its own right plus lord of the 9th, a money house). This says “healing” to me, and it doesn’t have to mean healing in a medical sense but can be related to making things “whole”. Integrating. Even fixing. Then you’ve got that money combination in the 8th house, related to “other peoples’ money”. Perhaps a career related to helping people “fix” their money problems, or helping them understand how to work with budgets, or maybe work in the health insurance field, etc.

          This is just the tip of the iceberf of all the ideas that start going through my head, but hopefully gives you an example of how to work with this. As I said in my first articles, it helps to kind of “play” with mixing and matching the indications. And then use other details to either confirm or lead you down an alternate path.

          Again, I hope that’s helpful. Thanks so much for your great questions. I appreciate it!


            Your tutorials are excellent. I enjoy learning from your tutorials and its very easy to understand for someone who is learning to predict from their chart. How often do you update the tutorials in Mypanchanga.com?
            I am currently a software professional working part time. I am not able to make it full time since I joined it (7 years). I am now thinking whether is this my right profession. I am working from home and having trouble in getting converted to full time.
            1st house is scorpio, Mercury is in 5th house(Piscean’s house), Jupiter & Moon in 9th house(Cancer) , Saturn & Rahu in 10th house. Sun,Mars ,Venus & Ketu in 4th house(Capricon). Is it possible to tell me anything about my career and income? Thanks Patti!!


              Hi Hamsa,

              Thanks for coming by and also for the nice compliment. I’m glad you’re finding the tutorials clear and easy to use. As to how often, I submit one about every month but depending on what’s going on here and/or at mypanchang, the actual publication date may be delayed. It will likely remain somewhat sporadic.

              I jotted down your chart info [BTW, it seems that with a Scorpio Ascendant, your 4th house must be Aquarius, not Capricorn, right? Since that’s where Ketu is (w/Rahu in the 10th), I’ll assume the other planets you mentioned are in Aquarius too.] But as I look at it I realize how handicapped I am with just this info. (Plus, there’s no way I can do a real “reading” in this format.) So much is dependent on your current dasa. It’s as if someone wonders if they can grow apples where they live — and maybe they could but it’s the middle of winter. Everything really does have a season and that’s always important to consider when looking at career, finances, or anything else in Jyotish.

              All that said, just off the top, I was a software engineer in Silicon Valley for 15 years so I’m aware of what it takes and you seem to have the talents. I can see you working from home at something technical that requires creativity and and ingenuity, which you’re certainly capable of. And the engineering field is indicated as well. Money looks good in general too although I can see ups and downs, and spending as well as earning (not unusual for any of us, though). Your Gaja Kesari yoga looks to be good for money — do you do any promoting as part of your job, or speaking/teaching? That could be helpful. You’ve got an amazing Dhana Yoga (a money yoga, explained in the next tutorial — submitted but not yet published) in Cancer so anything related to Jupiter, Moon, their nakshatras, 9H, Cancer, etc. is definitely an area to think about. How can those symbols (and all they represent by house rulership, what they signify naturally, etc.) be mixed and matched to give you some ideas related to your income? The more I look, the more I see, but I could go on forever. On your own you can also consider the current transits, dasas, etc. for more about what’s highlighted right now and in the near future, and don’t forget to look at money indicators in your Dasamsha chart.

              I know that’s pretty general but I hope it helps you see how I would approach it. Does this at least make sense?


    Thank you Patti for your quick response. Yes, my 4th house is aquarius. Other than my software profession, I don’t do anything but I was really thingking of doing some kind of business like a travel agency or to open a child care program. I am so confused what to do. I will wait for your next publications and see what I can figure out.


      Hmmm, those both look like a fit (exactly how much depends on your dasa and varga charts) and child care looks especially lucrative (karaka of children and lord of 5th/children with the nurturing Moon — both money lords in a money house). Interestingly, unafflicted Jupiter (karaka of children and L5) is transiting your 7H right now, aspecting your Ascendant and giving expanded opportunities for work with clients. Hopefully the next tutorial will be published soon (I’ll check on it) so you can apply that too.

      Thank you! And good luck …


    Date of birth 7 – 8 – 69
    Place Mumbai
    Time 1:13 am
    Hi! Please can you tell my best money periods / planets / houses / yoga (plus inheritance)
    Thank You


      Hi there!
      Well … The whole point of this tutorial is so you can tell me (or yourself) your best money periods/planets/houses/yogas!
      If you want to tell me what you think about your chart given the articles so far, I will give you my comments on your analysis. 🙂


    I was reading ur dhana yogas article citing the example of sign exchange between mercury and jupiter for taurus lagna.

    Even though jupiter being the natural money planet and lord of the 11H for taurus,doesnt it shed its malefic influence on finances(Lord of the 8H too).?

    taurus lagna(25 degrees) and have jupiter in gemini(9 degrees in the costellation of rahu(19 deg) and rahu in 9th house in conjunction with mars(27 deg) and saturn(1 degrees) )

    Also Mercury is in the H 12(13 degree) and sun in pisces(25 degree) and venus in the 10th and moon in 5th.

    This is a confusing combintion since jupiter is in 2nd(++) and mercury in 12th(–).
    Can mercury be good for overseas gains?
    How is this chart from a wealth point of view?



      These are excellent questions, thanks for asking! Very astute! Let me start off answering them one at a time.

      1) “Even though jupiter being the natural money planet and lord of the 11H for taurus,doesnt it shed its malefic influence on finances(Lord of the 8H too).?”

      Definitely, yes! As you allude to, every planet (and chart, for that matter) needs to be considered as a whole, with all its influences. I’m overly simplifying to show the principles, but yes, Jupiter as Lord of the 8th does need to be considered. It may show sudden disruptions, upsets, etc. At the same time, the lord of the 8th can also show money coming through via 8th house routes, e.g. inheritance, partnerships (as 2nd from the 7th), “other peoples’ money” such as accounting work, unearned money or money from tragedies such as insurance, etc. Even therapy is an 8th house indication. (In section 3.1, House Placement, I’ll go more into this and will discuss house rulership as well as placement.) But yes, you’re exactly right. Thanks for pointing that out.

      2) “taurus lagna(25 degrees) and have jupiter in gemini(9 degrees in the costellation of rahu(19 deg) and rahu in 9th house in conjunction with mars(27 deg) and saturn(1 degrees) ) Also Mercury is in the H 12(13 degree) and sun in pisces(25 degree) and venus in the 10th and moon in 5th. This is a confusing combintion since jupiter is in 2nd(++) and mercury in 12th(–).
      Can mercury be good for overseas gains?”

      Wow, I could say a lot about this chart … All the Raja Yogas in the 9th house (even though with malefics, they are strong with Mars exalted and Saturn, the Raja Yoga Karaka in its own sign) could show money in 9th house areas (e.g. publishing, law, higher education). Even Rahu, being materialistic, can often show money even though it often takes it away at the end of its dasa. Again, yes, it doesn’t mean they won’t also show their malefic side. But as to your question, Mercury could show money from overseas, yes. It can also show “behind the scenes” work, or work done in seclusion such as writing, which matches the publishing indications. (Jupiter can also show publishing and is in the 2nd house.) Both Saturn and Mars can show high-tech so it could be internet publishing or something along those lines, with a world-wide reach. (And that nice Gaja Kesari yoga in 2 money houses would likely add a good influence.) And Venus in the 10th would of course add its influence. Again, the 12th house may also show losses or uncertaintly along with the gains, so that does need to be considered.

      I’m not saying this is how this chart would play out, it’s just an example off the top of my head of how to include more of the indications than I did with the simple points I made in the article. I admit I’m oversimplifying a complex art/science, but otherwise the points I’m trying to make would be lost (I think). This tutorial isn’t for beginners so I’m assuming some knowledge (such as yours) on the part of readers.

      Is that helpful at all? Thanks again for your excellent questions.

      All my best.


    Hi Patti-

    I am going thru your articles regularly. I had a question regarding dashas and transits. Does this really matter a lot? How to predict things by seeing the dashas.Will you be posting articles on those topics as well? The reason I am asking is because I am looking for a job for last 1 year and i have no luck. Recently my job which I was working got ended. Since then I have not found anything. Its been 4 months and I am very upset about it. Currently, I checked in Mypanchanga.com in horoscope session that my current dasha is venus and it just started last sept and it will end only in 2032 but i lost my job. Does venus not a good dasha?

    1st house is scorpio, Mercury is in 5th house(Piscean’s house), Jupiter & Moon in 9th house(Cancer) , Saturn & Rahu in 10th house. Sun,Mars & Ketu in 4th house(acquarius) and Venus is in 3rd house(Capricon). Is it possible to tell when I will get a job? I am currently looking for job and no luck regarding it.

    PD Starts Ends

    Venus Sep/14/2012 Apr/5/2013

    Sun Apr/5/2013 Jun/5/2013

    Moon Jun/5/2013 Sep/14/2013

    Mars Sep/14/2013 Nov/25/2013

    Rahu Nov/25/2013 May/26/2014

    Jupiter May/26/2014 Nov/4/2014

    Saturn Nov/4/2014 May/16/2015

    Mercury May/16/2015 Nov/5/2015

    Ketu Nov/5/2015 Jan/15/2016

    Thanks Patti!!


      Hi Hamsa,

      Yes, I remember you from some other comments. Welcome back, and thanks for your questions.

      First: YES, the dasas and transits absolutely play an important role in how your finances appear in your life. But no, I’m not planning to address that specifically. In my first few articles I explained that basic Jyotish concepts not specific to finances cann’t be covered in this series, but that you still have to pay attention to them. Dasas are one of those things, for sure! (I also use the nakshatras and divisional charts pretty heavily in my own analyses and those can’t be covered here, either — except the hora which I’ll get to toward the end).

      Considering the details you gave me about your chart, I don’t see that you should lose hope, as Venus itself is not showing itself to be a major impediment for career or earning, even though it’s a temporal malefic. In fact, with exalted Jupiter and your happy Moon both, it creates a Dhana Yoga (and Jupiter-Moon is a Dhana Yoga as well – plus a nice Gaja-Kesari yoga). As ruler of the 12th, though, I’m not surprised you’re being faced with uncertainty right now.

      You just finished Venus-Sun and considering the Sun is L10 and is with the lord of your Ascendant, that doesn’t look problematic to me either (especially if you work in a hi-tech field), except for Ketu there. (Are you perhaps being idealistic about what you want to do? Turning down jobs that don’t seem good enough?)

      The main thing I’m noticing is that it looks to me like you could do well with your own business. Perhaps it’s time for you to run your own rather than be an employee. You seem to be creative and inventive, and could perhaps do well with clients and agreements/contracts/partnerships (especially during Venus period).

      I hesitate to do too much analysis in this forum and without your birthdata and some discussion, but I did want to suggest that maybe some other direction altogether might be more fruitful – at least worth considering. Which is not to say being an employee is out of the question. Your Moon and Jupiter antardasas should be good, I would think – and I see you’re in your Moon until September.

      I hope that’s helpful, and at the same time I recommend you don’t put too much weight on it since it’s not a complete analysis (with birthtime and other details).

      Thank you, and I wish you blessings as you move forward!


    Hello patty,
    I was searching for some astrological remedies and i came across your tutorials & your interactions . I have gone through the second part and can assure you that this section is truly a laboratory , where all astrology lovers have something to gain. Truly great service to this noble science.


    Hello Patti,

    Your explanation of the basics of vedic astrology is nicely explained. I have been trying to understand a lot about career possibilities. I was hoping you could share your insight on it. My specific chart:- 17th aug 1989 1:52 AM…Plainfield, NJ.

    Thank You,


      Hi Vinayak,

      Thank you! As you might imagine, there is a lot to say about career — it would be a whole tutorial series in itself. But staying with the theme of financial analysis, what you would look for is a connection between money and career (since most of us need to support ourselves with our career so it needs to bring in some money).

      At the same time, you always need to keep the entire chart in mind, especially the Ascendant. So, for example, with your chart, being a Gemini Ascendant, something intellectual is indicated. Probably with lots of on-going learning for such a curious, interested person! Not only because the Ascendant is so important, but Jupiter, lord of the 10th house of career is there. Jupiter itself (plus the 1st house to some degree) indicate money, so that’s a good connection. I also see a nice Dhana yoga in the 3rd house (Mars and Mercury) and altho afflicted (WOW, you were born during a lunar eclipse), those same afflicting planets can show high tech so perhaps a high tech career in the communications field? (That’s from Gemini as the 3rd sign, and Dhana Yoga in the 3rd house — 3rd being communication(s) — with the Dhana Yoga including Mercury.) Possibly involving travel? (10H is Pisces, 12th sign.) Or the legal profession (Jupiter)?

      Of course this would be just ONE option and depend on timing (e.g. perhaps best during a Mercury period, etc.) So I would proceed along those lines and look for more information (of which there is definitely a lot!) I would also use nakshatras and the dasamsa chart to help confirm or refine what’s in the rasi. And sometimes when I proceed with that, something or other I saw immediately (such as what I said in the previous paragraph) might get ruled out or significantly modified. (So take what I said with a grain of salt, and use it more as an example of how to approach this.)

      The fun (and most effective) thing, as I’ve said, is to free associate. It’s best doing it live with a client because it’s dynamic that way and you hone in using their feedback. It’s like the Jyotir Vidya herself comes alive to assist. 😉

      So, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope it helped. Thanks for the great question!


    Thank you for the great answer Patti, i really appreciate that you took the time to write such a detailed reply. I should have been a little more specific with the question as i am in my Jup-saturn dasha. I am considering a career in the army and then simultaneously pursue Phd in psychology. I have an associate in engineering, bachelors in pre-medicl, i did not complete my Ayurvedic certification yet and i am almost done with my MBA. There are lot of things that i pursue but dont complete like my engineering. my career has not started at all…..i am physically training and i am pretty strong, but stamina is weak…so working on it. I have heard a lot of astrologers tell that i should probably do communications, but never had the interest and computers….which was what i was told but i literally can pursue anything else with great excitement :D. The journey to figure out these conjuctions has been really something…hard to understand. Perhaps you can shed some light on this and i think the info that i provided might help and also i have really good and close relationship with brother. Thank you again for you time. 🙂



      Hi Vinayak,

      It sounds like you’re asking for my interpretation of your specific chart, and I really don’t think I could do it justice in this format. I usually spend at least a few hours in analysis before a reading, and I don’t want to just start rattling off comments without being thorough — that could be misleading.

      In general though, if you want to look at career, I’d suggest you look at it from the Lagna, as well as from the Sun, the Moon, and the Pada Lagna. See where the lord of the 10th is in the navamsa and also use your dasamsa for backup — with emphasis on your current dasa. Don’t forget about current transits, and watch for Raja Yogas.

      And of course, see how it overlaps with your financial indications like I demonstrated in my last reply.

      Sorry I can’t give you more right now but I think it would be irresponsible without a thorough look. Hopefully my suggestions can help you look at it, which is the point of this tutorial, after all! 😉

      If you want more, I highly recommend taking a class from James Kelleher, who was my main mentor/teacher. He is awesome. I see he offers an online class on interpreting career indicators that you can sign up for on his website.

      Thanks again for your interest, and I wish you all the best! Namaste.


    I am very fond of jyotish, I enjoyed the ‘tease-sis’ on the financial section. I would like to see the complete sets of articles.

    Question: Someone over 50 (not saying who) Atmakaraka at birth is sun (in the ninth house-leo Upha -nakshatra) was 29:45 at birth, Amatyakaraka was Mercury (Upha). I heard that is at birth the AK is so old at some time it switches over to the Amk to become the AK. But Amk is also that old 28:42. Is that person old enough to have such a transformation.

    This is my first time and I have other questions but a few at a time.


    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for your interest and your question.

    I’m sorry, but I’ve never actually heard of that (the Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka switching); or if I did, I’ve forgotten. I’ve had quite a lot of exposure so I don’t think it’s a common practice to consider that, at least in the circles I learned in.

    Sorry I can’t help you more, but please do stay tuned for more on financials.



      Thanks for the reply and your sincerity.

      would you indulge me in another question please. There is Mahadasha, there is Antardasha and Pratyantara dasha and more.
      In one place I saw that the Maha dasha is related to the sun, (please confirm is this is correct) then I the antardasha is related to the moon ( if you concur) what then is the pratyantar dasha concerned with. This dynamism (maha-antar-pratyantar-sukshma etcI have not been able to get information on.

      Thank you again and please if these questions seems like extortion of you knowledge base, I understand if you would not want to answer.

      Kate Digyan


        Hi Kate,

        My apologies on this late reply — I have to admit I simply forgot!

        Again, I’ve never heard of the relationship you’re mentioning with the dasa levels. Generally we use the dasa dates as calculated from the Moon’s position at birth, and the various levels are simply sub-levels all relative to the starting point.

        There really are some great books out there that explain these basics very well. I wrote a post recommending some of them which you can check out here: Spark Your Jyotish Journey With the Perfect Introductory Book

        Thanks again for your interest!


    Hi and thank you for this great site!

    I am a little confused as my career and financials indicate I will have a comfortable life and I can progress with my own business however I tried that and have made severe losses.
    My dhana yoga is difficult to read as rahu effects my house so what would you suggest as I left working for a pharmaceutical company and wish to progress as a buildings decorator and land lord.

    Mandeep Badial
    Date of Birth :11/Mar/1976
    Time of Birth :03:02:00:AM
    Place of Birth :Slough, ENGLAND


      Hi Mandeep,
      I was going to take a quick look at your chart to see how it might relate to the recent tutorials, but I’m seeing 2 different locations for Slough. Can you please give me coordintates? Thanks.
      In the meantime, 3 more articles have been published with additional yogas — you might take a look and see if any of those apply.


      Hi Mandeep,

      Thanks for the coordinates, AND for your patience!

      For others, the chart is a Sagittarius Ascendant, with Venus, Mercury, Sun in 3H, Jupiter & Ketu in 5H, Moon and Mars in 7H, Saturn in 8H, and Rahu in 11H.

      Here’s what I’m noticing as it relates to our topic:

      First, I’m not surprised that you’ve worked in the healthcare field. You seem to have some healing abilities, although you may not have worked in that capacity exactly. Still, it’s related.

      Jupiter as a money planet (in itself plus as Lord of the Ascendant and placed in the 5H) is compromised though by Ketu. At the same time, when Rahu or Ketu are with a lord of an angle in a trine (or lord of a trine in an angle) this in itself constitutes a Raja yoga. So you have a mixture there. I would recommend you strengthen Jupiter with a yellow sapphire. Especially since it rules the 4H — not to mention your Ascendant — which is related to what you are wanting to move toward (real estate or building decoration).

      The good news is you are now in a Mercury period. It rules your 10H and is part of a Raja yoga with the Sun, which is itself part of a Dhana yoga with Venus, the planet of beauty and aesthetics, fitting nicely with your aspirations. They are in your 3H of commerce. Not only that, but in your Dashamsa, Venus is in the Ascendant and better yet, Mercury and Jupiter create a Dhana yoga in your 4H, again related to your aspirations. To me, it looks promising!

      I also notice that your Mercury/Sun/Venus combo is in Aquarius, which is also your Dashamsa Ascendant. This is a sign of pioneers and inventors, and along with other indications shows that you’ll do especially well if you get creative and forge new pathways.

      You are coming up on a 3 year Mercury-Venus period starting in June, followed by Mercury-Sun. Those planets are all in your 3H and the yogas I mentioned above will be activated. It seems to me that you will have some good support for the changes you are thinking of making.

      Keep in mind this is not a full analysis, just what I’m noticing off the top as related to our topic. Still, I hope it’s helpful and gives you an idea of some of the relevant indications.

      Thanks so much for your question; very interesting chart!


    Namaskar Patti

    All of a sudden about 3 weeks back i am getting hooked to learn astrology.

    I want to know if it is destined for me to learn it and put it in to practise

    Thanks for your help

    my birth date 13JAN1983 Time 10:34AM Place Udupi,Karnataka,INDIA



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