Jun 112013
3 Steps to the Expanded Awareness of Heart Space

In our society, the rational mind rules. From the time we were children, we’ve been encouraged to “use our heads”, “be sensible”, and “think it through”. This is fine except that it’s been at the exclusion of using our other more expansive faculties, such as intuition, gut feeling, or our holistic “sense” of a situation. [more *magic*]

May 232013
3 Steps to Stress-Free Productivity

Wow. I have been on quite the writing frenzy lately. You wouldn’t know it from my blog … But you will be able to access all the “good stuff” that I’ve been preparing in just 9 short days. It was an interesting experience. I had an intense schedule which is unusual for me. Stress! Partway [more *magic*]

Mar 202013
Emerge into Springtime!

Happy Spring! Last year around this time, I did a Spring Activation (a group Holographic Emergence™ session) to help jumpstart our new growth. Before we did the session, I talked about how I envision Emergence as it relates to our Divine template or to us as a seed of sorts. To welcome spring, I want [more *magic*]

Mar 052013
10 Books to Blow Your Mind Wide Open

Are you ready to expand your mind? Are you willing to let go of your most cherished beliefs? If not, then read no further! This post might threaten your sense of knowing how life works. In my last few articles, I wrote about letting go of preconceived ideas, and letting go of beliefs. Depending on [more *magic*]

Feb 242013
Dance Your Way to an Expanded Reality

In Western society, the rational mind rules. We’re encouraged to develop and honor it above all else, even to the exclusion of all else. It’s too bad. Being purely rational — even predominantly rational — limits us more than we know. Open Mind & Open State In my last post, I talked about the importance [more *magic*]

Feb 162013
Let Magic Be Your New Normal

WOW, I sure enjoyed our recent January Activation! It went well, and it was enlightening for me to interact with those of you who participated (thank you)! I got a great question during the Q & A that made something I’d been considering even more apparent. It’s the importance of developing an open mind. It’s [more *magic*]

Feb 082013
Open to the Possibilities and Emerge!

Hello, magical creatures! Here’s a short, easy-to-listen-to audio that sets the stage for several of my upcoming articles. It’s an excerpt from our most recent live Activation (a group Holographic Emergence™ session). In essence, it’s about opening to the possibilities of your reality: • If you can’t believe in *magical* possibilities, you’re not as likely [more *magic*]