Jan 312013
The Only Thing That Matters - Or Is It?

I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with this book: The Only Thing That Matters by Neale Donald Walsch. I’ve had similar experiences listening to the author being interviewed. Sometimes I enjoy it immensely and other times I’m completely turned off. Whereas often when I read a book, my final evaluation averages out [more *magic*]

Jan 022013
Experience Your Beauty

If you look with innocent perception, with unconditioned consciousness, you can see beauty everywhere. It’s a natural expression of consciousness. You are pure consciousness, manifesting. Everything is you, in your various forms. Emerging. That is your purpose. It’s for the consciousness to emerge fully through this form. ~ Eckhart Tolle, The Realization of Being May [more *magic*]

Nov 122012
Struggling to Change a Pattern? Try This!

Emergence is very much about shifting patterns. It takes advantage of the fact that whatever you experience in your life originates at much subtler levels of consciousness, in what you can think of as your Divine template. Your Divine template is a beautiful pattern of light and information; it’s Divine intelligence, which is what you [more *magic*]

Aug 242012
Super-Charge Your Power to Manifest

When I do Holographic Emergence™, I use a cutting-edge “Consciousness Technology“ to super-charge our power to manifest. A few days ago, someone emailed and said “Can I ask you please – what is Consciousness Technology and can I read about it on your site? I don’t recall seeing that.” Doesn’t recall seeing that? Gasp! Apparently, [more *magic*]

Aug 062012
Empower Yourself by Illuminating Your Belief Patterns

Do you ever notice certain patterns in your life, where something annoying — or even seriously effed up — just keeps happening but you have no idea why? Well, it’s likely related to your underlying belief patterns. Really? you say. How does that make sense? Or better yet, Right! So how do I find those [more *magic*]

Jul 222012
Consciousness Tools for Manifesting

The “Creation Activation” last Thursday was extraordinary. The activation and all it entailed was truly uplifting, but I was especially impressed that we were given so many tools for manifesting our creations. (For those unfamiliar, an “activation” is a group Holographic Emergence™ session.) Sometimes during a Holographic Emergence™ session, you’re given some kind of tool [more *magic*]

Jul 042012
For True Freedom ...

Last week I was going through some really tough emotions around the death of my dog. (Thanks to those of you who wrote and emailed. You warmed my heart and your wise words helped a lot!) I wrote about a point where I suddenly “saw” myself, almost as if I were observing someone else, and [more *magic*]