Jun 202012
First Thing Every Morning

Every morning, the very first thing I do after my feet hit the floor is huggle with the big, cuddly, furry ball of love known as Ollie. He’s our goofy yellow lab who we got from the pound when he was about 3 or 4. He makes his loud anticipatory groaning noise (yes, our dog [more *magic*]

May 182012
Activate Magic and Miracles With Me!

Did you know that you — yes, YOU — can actually bring magic and miracles into your life? You can. And I’m here to show you how. So let’s get going! The Basic Principle First, everything physical is consciousness manifest. We can think of it as a continuum with the field of pure potential at [more *magic*]

Mar 022012
Why Embrace Upheaval?

When you live a multidimensional life, you’re always aware that everything’s connected. Or more accurately, you appreciate that some things are just more dense representations of patterns that exist at a subtle level. For the past few weeks I’ve noticed striking connections between my emotions and my home. And seeing connections is helpful because it [more *magic*]

Feb 172012
Find My Camera and Get a Free Reading!

Calling all intuitives! (That’s you!) I know that a lot of you are accomplished intuitives. I also know from when we did some intuitive exercises on this blog that even if you think you’re not intuitive, you are! Every single person sensed some details correctly that you couldn’t have known without using your sixth-sense. And [more *magic*]

Feb 142012
Bunny Bunches of Love to You

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you sweet love. This is short and sweet today because — speaking of love — I’m spending a week with my awesome son and his wonderful little family in northern CA. I’m doing my best to play catch-up with my almost-2-yr.-old granddaughter. 🙂 And if I work it right, I’m going [more *magic*]