Jan 272012
Multidimensional and Pink Hair Living

What the heck do multidimensions have to do with pink hair? you may ask. Well … we’ll get there soon enough. And let’s get right to the multidimensional part first. Multidimensional Living First, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about which topics you prefer to see here. (It’s not too late, you can put [more *magic*]

Jan 212012
Where Do You Want Me to Start?

I had to laugh this morning when I got an email from a good friend that said she liked my new blog format and the changes I’m making. The reason I had to laugh is because I haven’t even had time to change anything yet! But she’s a perceptive and intuitive artist and a soul [more *magic*]

Dec 182011
Week 3 Practice: Whine, Anyone?

I bet you’ve been more aware over this past week of the positive or negative quality of conversations you’ve been involved in. I know I have. It’s been kind of fun to notice this again, and how easy it is to get “hijacked” like Sonia says. [If you’re just joining us, some of us are [more *magic*]

Dec 162011
Week 3: Your Spirit in Terms of the 4 Elements

Are you so inspired you can hardly keep up with yourself? Or are you the type to investigate everything, analyzing the pros and cons? Maybe you react emotionally and intuitively to your world, or maybe a big priority is that things be practical and useful. Whatever characteristic is prominent or whatever mixture you have of [more *magic*]

Nov 092011
Stop Being Coy and Shine Your Light

Do you ever want to share information about your talents or gifts but balk because it feels like you’re bragging? Or do you sometimes have trouble admitting even to yourself how amazing you are because you’ve been taught that’s egotistical? Here’s a simple idea that can change your perspective. Once you see differently, you can [more *magic*]

Oct 192011
You Can Help a Lot of Animals With Just One Click

Do you love animals? Think they get the short end of the stick? Ready to cast your vote for the underdog – literally? Then please VOTE HERE for Animal-Kind International (AKI). It takes less than a minute. AKI is a small but established non-profit that does amazing work helping animals world-wide. 100% of its donations [more *magic*]