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Vedic astrology is a powerful form of predictive astrology from India. Also known as Jyotish, the sacred “Science of Light”, it is based on the ancient Vedic scriptures. It is given to us by the great Seers, and was given to them by both inner realization and outer observation. Today, it continues to be validated by abundant empirical testing and research.

Whereas Western astrology focuses mainly on psychological indications of the horoscope, Jyotish is better known for its predictive accuracy. It reveals the over-all karmic pattern of our life by powerfully delineating our life cycles and future trends and by illuminating our motivations and tendencies.

The profound insight often gained, along with practical guidance for optimizing our potential, promotes greater peace, fulfillment, and prosperity in our lives. It helps us confidently navigate through the confusing waves of karma, aware of our outer destiny, and our timeless inner Self as well.

Philosophically, it reflects the law of karma, which includes both an aspect of fate and one of free will. It does not teach resignation, but instead offers remedial measures to help alleviate negative influences and increase those that are beneficial. Your reading will usually include a prescription for Vedic remedies.

Jyotish works great for illuminating complete pictures and relatively long rhythms, and a reading with me can help you:

  • Understand the hidden dynamics of a condition or situation
  • Optimize potential or minimize challenges of ongoing conditions or upcoming situations
  • Understand relationship dynamics and compatibility
  • Improve any and all areas of life such as career, relationships, finances, health, or spiritual practices
  • Make decisions about particular locations with regard to residence, livelihood, relationships, etc.

Jyotish Readings

So that you can gain the most from this experience, I offer a free initial 15 min. consultation when you schedule your reading. You and I will customize your reading to meet your needs.

During a reading you will get practical information that is relevant in your life today and helps you move forward in a positive direction.

Additionally, Vedic remedies or upayas may be prescribed.

Except where noted, all readings include any relevant charts, and a recording of the session in the form of an MP3 file*. If you’re in the U.S., I’ll mail your charts, otherwise I’ll email them to you.

You also get a free 15 min. follow-up consultation up to two weeks after your reading in case you need clarification after reviewing your recording.

All readings are conveniently available from wherever you live. (For in-person readings, add $45.) You contact me by phone or Skype at the scheduled time.

[Note that all Jyotish readings can be combined with Channeling, and several of the readings are especially ideal combined with an offline Channeled reading. These are noted below.]

Types of Readings

These categories are flexible and easily customized to meet your needs. Some of the more popular readings are described here, but we can mix and match in one reading if you prefer.

Foundation Readings
These lay a foundation for those readings which build on them.

Whole Life Overview $220
This is a comprehensive, 90 minute reading covering general areas of life such as your psychological profile, health, relationship(s), career/vocation/avocations, financial, and spiritual inclinations. This includes a general prediction of trends for the next few years. Vedic remedies may be suggested to help alleviate certain planetary influences or to increase those that are beneficial.

Whole Life Area Focus $220
This is a 90 minute reading which provides in-depth interpretation for one or two areas of life of your choosing (see life areas under “Whole Life Overview”, above). As in the Whole Life Overview, it includes a general prediction of trends in the chosen area(s), and Vedic remedies may be suggested.

Annual Update $155

This is a one-hour reading which is done once a year, typically around your birthday. This is for the upcoming year only and gives much detail with regard to prediction of trends and sometimes even particular events. Depending on what is shown as predominant in the upcoming year, it will focus on one or more of the life areas mentioned above. (Note: This is an update reading for those who have already had a Foundation reading with me.)

Area Focus Update $125
Combined with Off-line Channeling (add 15 min.) $160
This is a 45 minute reading which provides a closer, more detailed look at one or two active life areas of your choosing. (Note: This is an update reading for those who have already had a Foundation reading with me.)

Gemstone Prescription (includes Muhurtha) $140
An important remedy or upaya in Jyotish is the wearing of a gemstone. Gemstones transmit very specific energy and are prescribed to improve areas of your life as indicated by your chart. Details about how to wear it are specific to the type of stone as well as your chart. This reading takes about 40 min. and does not include a chart. Instead, it includes a document about the prescribed gemstone, plus the all-important date & time to first wear it. (Known as a Muhurtha, an “auspicious moment” reading is normally $125 just in itself, but is included here for no extra charge). (Note: If you’ve already had a Foundation reading from me, the fee is reduced to $100.)

Relationship Dynamics $250
This is a 90 minute reading which compares the charts of two individuals to assess their compatibility and relationship dynamics in areas such as romance, commitment, familial interactions, friendship, business partnership, etc. (For couples for whom I’ve already done a Foundation reading, this can be done in one hour for $200; if for only one of the two, then in 75 minutes for $225.)

Locational Analysis $155
Particular locations can be analyzed to see what your experiences might be like there and how they will differ from one location to another. This reading is a valuable aid in deciding where to live, what to expect in your current location, or even how your experiences with others (or with investments, business transactions, etc.) is influenced by their location. This reading takes approximately 60 minutes. (If you’re part of a couple and want me to look at both of your charts, the fee is $215 and the reading takes about 75 – 90 minutes.)

Swagatam or “Welcome, Baby!” Reading $130
This reading is designed especially for newborns or toddlers. It takes about 50 minutes and we look at positive potential such as likely personality traits and general tendencies. It’s a fun and upbeat reading and you’ll come away knowing which interests to encourage and how to work with any possible challenges, for you and for your growing child. (This is a popular gift for new parents and I do provide gift certificates.)

Muhurtha (Auspicious Moment) $125
The purpose of this reading is to choose an auspicious time for an important event; the “birth” of that activity in your life. This is used to enhance the outcome of, for example, marriage, beginning a business, buying property, beginning foundation building for a house, moving into a new home, etc. The best time within your specified time frame will be determined. Note: No scheduled appointment is necessary, and this reading does not include a chart or recording. I do all the analysis on my own and then present you with a suggested date/time (usually with a few options) by email. (For events involving more than one person such as marriage or business partnerships, add $60 per additional person.)

Prasna (Question Chart) $65
Combined with Off-line Channeling (add 10 min.) $90
This is an incredibly useful and quick reading which takes about 20 min. of consultation time. Virtually any question can be asked, and discussion of the resulting analysis can follow fairly quickly, especially for urgent questions. Examples of typical questions are: Will this deal go through satisfactorily? Is this relationship going to go well? Will my mother recover her health? ad infinitum! This type of reading does not require your birth information, although it is helpful. It also does not include a chart.

*If you’re in the U.S. and you want a CD instead of an audio file, I’m happy to make and send you one for an additional $10. (Sessions longer than 80 minutes require 2 CDs, for $15.) The CDs are labeled and divided into tracks.

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