Jan 272012

What the heck do multidimensions have to do with pink hair? you may ask. Well … we’ll get there soon enough.

And let’s get right to the multidimensional part first.

Multidimensional Living

First, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about which topics you prefer to see here. (It’s not too late, you can put your druthers in here.) I appreciate it a lot!

Many of you want to hear more about my use of the term “multidimensional”.

And most of you responded to my question about videos too — mainly that you don’t watch them (and I don’t, either) — yet guess what this post is about? A video! (Plus multidimensional living. Plus pink hair living. And we’ll get to those in a minute. ;-))

Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll be doing many videos. Probably just a short one on my “About” page so you can get a sense of who I am, and a few others here and there.

But! It just so happens that I’m currently in a fun and inspiring Bootcamp about making videos for blogs, and I just did my first ever headshot video as practice.

And in it, I talk about multidimensional living, so I want to share it with you!

This wasn’t an easy decision, but I find I’m feeling more free every day to let my real self shine, including on this blog.

It’s by no means perfect and it’s good for me to let go of that. For example, I actually say some things by accident that are incorrect (e.g. I use the word create once when I mean influence) and I skip a whole lot of relevant points I wanted to make.

But as long as you don’t hold me to every word, I think this practice video gives you a sense of what I mean by the word “multidimensional” in my blog topic. (Until I do the “real” one, which will be much better. ;-))

It’s 7 min. long but you’ll get the main idea in the first few minutes, then you can jump ship.

A most important point that I failed to make is that the whole stick/spectrum is you (me … us).

And an aspect of living multidimensionally is that we integrate all our various parts into who we are and how we express.

And we live freely as who we are, no matter what that looks like.

Even if it means we dye our hair pink!

Pink Hair Living

This post was inspired by the article Pink Hair Blogging by Sonia Simone. I read it about a year ago and it’s left a lasting impression. I bet you’ll love it too. (This post was also triggered by a funny bootcamp practice video by Courtney Carver of the wonderful blog Be More With Less. It was about letting our hair down and reminded me of the Pink Hair article.)

I’d even formatted the main points Sonia made and printed them on a card that I keep on my desk. (You can change the word “write” to the word “live” … or not!)

Maybe what I’m doing here is more like “Hair in Curlers” blogging (where I ought to be a little horrified, but I’m not). But what the hey.

How about you? Do you dare to let your pink tendrils unfurl with wild abandon? (Guys, this includes you!)

Or do you have comments about multidimensional living?

Are you integrated?

Would love to hear …

Nov 092011

Do you ever want to share information about your talents or gifts but balk because it feels like you’re bragging? Or do you sometimes have trouble admitting even to yourself how amazing you are because you’ve been taught that’s egotistical?

Here’s a simple idea that can change your perspective.

Once you see differently, you can share in a way that makes you feel grateful instead of like you’re doing something wrong. It’s good for you and good for those who wouldn’t have heard about what you have to offer if you were hiding it under a bushel because of some mistaken sense of modesty.

We ask ourselves: “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. …
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love

I’ve been clean and sober for 28 years today. Yay!

And it’s so funny that one of the lessons I was required to learn to get cleaned up has come back to my attention this week.

It’s exactly about being able to recognize — and yes, even talk about — your own light, yet not feel like you’re bragging. To let yourself shine with no reservation.

First You Surrender

An essential element of my getting clean was to completely surrender to the reality of the situation and even more importantly, to something greater than myself. I had to quit trying to do it all myself. Because I couldn’t. I was totally defeated.

As I watched my surrendered self rack up the clean and sober hours, then the days, then the weeks, I was nothing short of amazed, and puzzled at the same time. How could this be? The moment I quit trying, it happened. It was as if by magic, but I like the word “miracle” better in this situation because honestly, that’s what it felt like and still does.

Then Humility Appears

I began to notice that I could celebrate my sobriety and other achievements more openly than I’d been able to before. There was a different quality to it. It was the quality of humility.

Acknowledge the Gifts

I saw that my sobriety was a gift more than something I’d done. It had been given to me. It’s the same with any of my abilities or talents.

Sure, I’ve nurtured and encouraged many of them, but really, where did they come from in the first place?

They’ve been given to me, and if anything, they’re coming through me. Same with any virtues I might have.

And Let Yourself Shine

When I remember that, I don’t have a problem freely sharing information about what I can do or what I have to offer people. Especially if I figure it’s coming through me for them. That would be selfish, like hoarding it. But even if it’s coming through me for who-knows-what-reason, it’s not especially up to me to decide, or even to judge that.

This all came up recently when I was invited by Eliza Fayle of Silver and Grace to contribute to an ebook about how I make a difference. My first thoughts were related to an earlier pattern of thinking: that I don’t really make much of a difference (what I now think of as false humility — maybe it’s more a lack of gratitude), and that even if I did, I certainly couldn’t “toot my own horn”.

But as I began to jot down a few things, I also began to get really grateful. I started appreciating the things I do do that make a difference — a real difference — in others’ lives. And in the end, the reason I could submit it to her and feel good about it is because of the lessons I learned those 28 years ago about surrender, humility, gifts, and light.

Oh, and miracles. Can’t forget the miracles. 😀

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Want to hear from me and a few other ladies about how we make a difference? You can do that and support Eliza in making a difference at the same time by downloading her new ebook here — for FREE! (Thank you, Eliza!)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And then think about how YOU make a difference, and share it in the comments. What gifts are you putting your personal touches on and then sharing so beautifully?

Feb 212011

Something rather startling happened to me in late 1992, soon after my dad passed away. It was both comforting and revelatory in its simple wisdom.

Several of my siblings and I were from out of town and were staying at his home. I’d been feeling his presence strongly, and made it a point during the days surrounding the funeral to take some quiet time alone to connect with him.

On one of these occasions I was telling him I loved him. I was crying and my heart was wide open.

And just as I said “Dad, I love you so much.” I heard, almost as if someone were in the room with me:

“You are love.”

I was struck by both the clarity and the simplicity of how the message came through, and what it implied. Also by how strongly it rang true.

Over the course of the next weeks and months, I found comfort in that experience. It really felt like I’d had a goodbye connection with Dad. I don’t know for sure but can’t explain otherwise how that message could have come through so strongly.

When we divided up Dad’s belongings, my sister got Dad’s wedding ring. It gave me an idea. A few months later I bought a ring to wear to remind me of Dad and the message I was given. I’ve since lost it but replaced it with this one that’s even more fitting, which I wear all the time. (Don’t you just love that it has wings? I won’t even start with the symbolism of that!)

As time’s gone on, I’ve found the message valuable in itself. It comes to mind often. It’s an interesting and useful idea to me. It’s a reminder of what I feel and believe we are; what our essence is.

It means that love is our natural state of being. Or maybe it’s even more simple than that, independent of states … or “being” even. We just are it! We just are love, and we couldn’t not be it even if we tried!

We don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to “try” to love, to try to be compassionate, to try to forgive, etc.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we automatically do those things. It doesn’t mean we always express ourselves as the love that we are, showing constant compassion and forgiveness. Or even confrontation when it’s called for, and those aspects of expressing love that require courage, that are not all sugar and spice on the surface.

I’m seeing more and more that this life is about our stripping away that which is not us so that what we are (love?) can shine its light.

Not additive, but subtractive.


As simple as that profound message I was given on that special day.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So, you probably notice I’m having a little love fest this month. I’m between Valentine’s Day and my wedding anniversary (hmm, I guess that’s always true, isn’t it?!)

Plus, I’m listening to my heart a lot. And that feels like love (or something really good)!

I’m interested to hear what you might have to say about love. Do you think it’s an action or an essence, a way of being? Do you think it’s something we can add unto ourselves or others?

Do you think you are it?

Even more, I’d love to hear if you’ve ever received any messages that were brand new in the moment yet held up over time, like this one has for me. Surely you must have! Are you willing to share them?

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Sep 202010

Ah, release and movement at last!

Have you noticed, for about the last 4 months, that try as you might, making progress has been slow going? Especially when it comes to taking advantage of new opportunities? Well, if so, you can breathe a sigh of relief for that ought to be letting up just about now. Jupiter has been in its own sign of Pisces, very happy there, and considering it is a planet of great abundance, expansion, opportunity, and grace, this is a good thing, right? Right!

But wait, not so fast. There’s been a modifying factor and that is that Jupiter’s been under the strong and opposing influence of Saturn, and Saturn tends to slow things down. It can either add an element of caution or it can throw flat-out delays into the mix. Considering it’s in the sign of Virgo right now, this could indicate that there are simply a whole lot of little details to tend to.

Just a Little More Perseverance

Fortunately, this limiting situation will soon be a thing of the past. Starting a few weeks ago, the influence of Saturn on Jupiter has been letting up little by little. That means we should already be beginning to feel the shift toward more easy movement toward our goals.

So, if you’ve been starting to feel discouraged, or like maybe you are barking up the wrong tree, take a moment before you give up. Breathe. Breathe again… Is this something you want? Will it add value to your life and others’? Well then, perhaps it’s worth another try. Jupiter can be an awesome ally when it comes to moving things along, especially things that feel purposeful. (If you know your sidereal ascendant, then look at which house Pisces falls in. This is the area of life where you will feel this helpful boost especially strongly.)

Time to Shine: Spotlight or Laser Beam

For about the next month, it’s a great time to shine by either expressing yourself or taking care of  details, or both.  As mentioned in last month’s post, Mercury, the planet of communication, has been in Sun-ruled Leo, a sign of inspired and sometimes dramatic self-expression. It’s no longer retrograde so will be projecting its influence a little more predictably than it had been.

The Sun, in turn, happens to be in Mercury-ruled Virgo as of a few days ago. This is a special relationship (called a Parivartana Yoga in Jyotish) between planets when they are in each others’ signs, connecting them both in a strong and significant way. Even after Mercury goes into its own sign of Virgo on the 30th and we no longer have the Parivartana, the Sun and Mercury will still be connected because they will be together in the same sign. Not only that, but Virgo is Mercury’s sign of “exaltation”, meaning that’s its favorite sign in the zodiac since it can express itself most perfectly there.

What this means is that we are being supported in expressing (Mercury) who we are (Sun) right now. We may be inspired in a big way (Leo). We may find that this mode of expression fits perfectly with something that is practical (Virgo, an earth sign, thus “down-to-earth” practical). If you are getting ideas that might combine any of these elements, it’s a great time to go for it since the planets are supporting you.

Seize the day!

Step-by-Step Detailed Activities Pay Off

One more thing about this. The Sun is — and soon Mercury will be — in Virgo where Saturn is. This is a sign of meticulous detail. And Saturn is a planet that is slow but steady, showing eventual gains through making a commitment and then moving step by step toward that goal.

So again, if you’ve been doing that and perhaps not making as much progress as you would like, then be aware that this area of activity is about to get a boost from some quick-moving and inspired Sun and Mercury influence, and things may even move a little faster.

Some Passion to Fuel Our Creativity

And finally, another bit of relief comes from the fact that Venus is no longer “debilitated” (i.e. in its least favorite sign) but is now in its OWN sign of Libra where it’s quite happy! It will be here until December, and since Venus is a benefic planet of delight, love, affection, art/creativity, beauty, etc., this is very good news. (In fact, Jupiter and Venus are our best benefics and both are treating us to spectacular dispays in the night sky this month. Where I live, in the high desert with its crisp clear night skies, Venus has been taking my breath away.) Besides that, Mars has been there with it, giving it a physical and fiery element which helps fuel passion in action! So again, if you are feeling inspired to express yourself, especially in artistic or affectionate ways, you may want to go ahead and do it or Mars may make a fuss. It’s much better to channel Mars’ energy in a conscious manner than to suppress it. That just causes it to sort of explode when you’re not looking. Not pretty.

What’s Your Experience?

So, I’m curious to hear if any of this clicks with what you’ve been experiencing! It does for me, since I have been experiencing quite a lot of opportunity but it’s as if the moment I get in the door, things come to a screeching halt. I’m excited to see what the next few weeks and month will bring.

Or if you are not clicking with any of this, and it’s not your experience, maybe your own chart shows strong influences that override these. Keep in mind we can always run your chart and do a reading specifically for you and get much more detail about working with the influences in your life.

In any case, I’d like to hear what you have to say about any of this. So how about you? Clicking?

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[Butterfly Photo: Dr. Wendy Longo | WTL photos ]

Aug 102010

This is my monthly (or so) Jyotish report on what’s going on in the heavens and how we can benefit if we work in synch with the energies. Enjoy!

First, if you like light shows, don’t miss the annual Perseid meteor shower in a few days. It’s right on the tail of the New Moon of the 9th, so the sky will be nice and dark for those of you in low light zones. It is going on already but peaks the night of the 12th/13th with over 100 meteors per hour. (Okay, this isn’t exactly astrology, but too good not to mention.)

Good Days to Take Action

There are four Vedic holidays coming up that we all can take advantage of. These holidays are always auspicious days so they are good for beginnings or for doing any task that you want to have a lasting effect. On top of that, they are good for whatever each holiday specifically relates to, as indicated here. (These dates are for MDT, please adjust accordingly.)

  • 8/13 is the auspicious Naga Panchami, honoring of snakes & serpents, and relates to Rahu & Ketu who are the head and tail of a serpent. There are many fascinating legends about this day, and the idea of some is that if you honor serpents along with the serpent energy, then serpents will work with and for you. This is a good day to work with primal energies, kundalini (e.g. hatha yoga, martial arts, kriya yoga meditation, etc.) and things that kundalini represents such as the potential unleashed by movement toward the divine. It’s also a good day to harmonize with snakes as a precious part of our natural world. You can read a little more here.
  • 8/20 is Varalakshami Vratam, related to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and thus Venus as well. You can find an interesting story here.
  • 8/24 is Raksha Bandhan, related to the malefic planets and is about protection. The festivals of this day are related to the bond between brothers and sisters, so this is  a wonderful day to take time to connect with or show appreciation to your siblings. You can read more here.
    This is also the Full Moon.
  • 9/1 is the auspicious Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna’s birthday, a day of great celebration the world over.
What the August Chart Tells Us

And now let’s talk about what this month’s chart indicates to us and how we can best take advantage of the current energies. [Note: If you are not familiar with Vedic astrology, there are lots of informative articles here.]

Chart 100801

Watch for Opportunities

Jupiter is still in its own sign of Pisces and will be retrograde until 11/19. Planets are strong and happy in their own sign, and even stronger when retrograde. This is very good news since Jupiter is a first class benefic and is shedding its graces on us big time!

Jupiter is an expansive planet, and that means that right now we should all be keeping our eyes open for openings and new opportunities — don’t let them slip by. It’s also easy right now to be optimistic, and this can in turn feed into the fact that it’s a time for increased abundance in general. Jupiter is a planet of dharma, representing our purpose, so it’s an especially good time to move toward what you feel or think will be fulfilling for you at all levels. Some of the other indications of Jupiter are publishing, higher education, learning, teaching, children, spirituality, and whoever we consider to be our guru. Taking actions in any or all of these areas is favored right now.

Mars and Saturn are opposing Jupiter right now, however, so for awhile there will likely be a bit of an impulsiveness counteracted by a need to go slowly, but this shouldn’t be such a major influence as to cause major problems. Or there may be some hiccups in our attempts to move forward, but we should not let that deter us. The good news about this is that Mars will likely add an element of courage right now so that we are more likely to go for whatever we are aspiring to.

It’s Time to Shine

The Sun is in Cancer until the 17th when it moves into its own sign of Leo. As I said above, a planet in its own sign is strong and happy so those things indicated by the Sun in our charts will be greatly favored. The Sun is the planet that represents us in all our glory. It’s how we shine! So while the Sun is in Leo (mid-August to mid-September), it’s an excellent time to take those actions where you want to be seen in your best light and want to be authoritative and influential.

It will be conjunct Mercury on September 3rd & 4th. Mercury is our rational mind and the Sun will help us be “bright” on those days, but at the same time it is so hot that it will likely cause “burn-out”. That means go ahead and take advantage of that mental brilliance, but don’t overdo it!

Inspired Ideas to Express

Besides the Sun, Mercury is in Leo right now, too. As I just alluded to, this inspired, expressive location is a very creative place for our rational minds to be operating from. You can absolutely expect to have lots of great ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. Mercury is retrograde, thus extra strong, from 8/21 – 9/12. This indicates a great mixture of rational, practical thought with the out-of-the-ordinary element that inspiration sometimes has.

Now here’s the kicker, are you ready? Energies moving through Leo really really really want to be expressed! So those great ideas you are having? Put them into action! At the very least, discuss them with someone, write about them, paint about them… something! That will be a perfect first step and the way will unfold from there.

Areas of Pressure Let Up

On the 21st the nodes Rahu & Ketu begin to move again. Ahhh! That means the areas of your life where they have been causing pressure for the past three months will let up significantly. Still, they will remain in the same signs until May of 2011, so they will continue to have a similar effect, just not so intense.

And if you do find that their effects are a little tough to handle, you can find upayas for Rahu & Ketu here. These can be helpful all the way up until next May.

Support for Manifesting our Passions

If you look to the west just after sunset, you will see yellow Saturn, red Mars, and gloriously bright Venus hanging out together in the constellation of Virgo. Let’s see what their teamwork means to us right now.

This is a really interesting combination of planets and location. First, Saturn and Mars are not too fond of each other at all. Saturn is very slow and patient, and Mars just wants to go now! Both, however, are good at making things happen yet in different ways. Mars moves us to action and gives us courage. Saturn helps us plan and move patiently step by step. It ultimately leads to concretizing what begins as something ethereal such as an idea.

Virgo is an earth sign, meaning it is also about manifesting, and in a very practical way. In fact, energies moving through Virgo can be aided by the detail Virgo provides.

So you can see that the planning that Saturn supports can work very well in detailed and practical Virgo, so this is a very good time to take those ideas Mercury in Leo is providing and consider how you might make a practical and perhaps detailed plan to get you where you want to go step by step. Then you can take advantage of that Mars energy to get the ball rolling.

Secondly, Venus and Mars together mean passion! This combination supports and adds to those inspired ideas offered by Mercury right now in that it adds an element of light-hearted creativity and artistry (Venus) and vibrant vitality (Mars) to the mix — again, in a practical way. And Venus and Mars will be moving together for awhile so expect the passion to continue.

We Can Help Venus Help Us

It’s worth noting that Venus is debilitated in Virgo, meaning Virgo is its least favorite sign. Being so light and dreamy and creative, Venus would much prefer a place that is not so gosh-darn practical! The pressure of heavy Saturn and the heat of fiery Mars are also a bit much for refined Venus to handle.

Because of that, I suggest doing some Venus upayas (Vedic remedies) until Venus moves into its own sign of Libra on September 9th, when it will be much happier. Practicing these remedies will help those areas of our lives that are indicated by Venus. These areas include art and creativity, relationships (especially with our beloved), beauty, comfort, luxury, and our means of transportation.

You can find some Venus upayas here.

These Energies at Work – an Example

So, I have to laugh because as I was about to start writing the section above about inspired ideas, I had a GREAT IDEA for a proposal I could make that would move my career forward! Perfect, don’t you think? (And it’s not because I was trying to come up with an inspired idea. In fact, I was distracted from this post and looking at something else entirely.)

Now, if the Sun and Jupiter pull through for me, my work ought to be seen in a good enough light as to open this new opportunity for my expansion. (And I’m noting that I might do best to wait until after the 17th so I have support of the Sun in Leo.)

And besides Mars’ help in the courage area, what I know about these indications just might help give me the extra little bit of  courage I need to make the proposal too. See? That’s how this works! I couldn’t have planned this better!

And speaking of planning, remember what I said about being practical and going step by step? It does indeed make sense for me to get my ducks in a row before jumping in, and I am confident I have support of the powers that be right now for doing just that!

So, wish me luck! (Jupiter’s grace can also be thought of as luck, so perhaps I already have it since Jupiter is so strong right now.)

Your Turn: What’s YOUR Experience?

Well, there’s a lot of information here, and I’m sure it must apply in some way to your life right now! I — and other readers too — would LOVE to hear if and how you are experiencing these energies! Can you relate to any of this? In what way?

Or if you have any questions, please ask! (Someone else is probably wondering too.)

It’s as easy as clicking on the comment link and joining the discussion. I look forward to hearing from you.

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