Overview (Start Here)


Blog Structure

First, a quick overview of how this blog is structured and what it offers can be found here.

Topics (and Topic Menus)

Its general topics are related to Consciousness Technology and Holographic Emergence™.

You’ll find helpful information and ways to begin using it for amazing results.

Here’s an overview of what the topics are and how they relate.

Foundational Topics

These will include some of the science, from a lay perspective of course.

  • Background/Reality
    • Quantum stuff (wave function, events, entanglement, etc.)
      “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” ~ Richard Feynman
    • Space-Time
    • Holographs
    • Synchronicities
    • Fractals
    • Morphic Fields
    • Emergence
    • and more!
  • Zero-Point Field (“The Field”)
  • Consciousness/Being/Presence/”The State”
  • Expanded Reality:  Why & How to “break out”
    • Left/Right Brain
    • Intuition & Creativity
    • Open to the Possibilities: Examples of Results
  • Consciousness Technologies

Holographic Emergence™: The Practice/Steps

And note that this can be a way of life!

1.  Expand your mind

2.  Intend (& let go!)

3.  Plug into “The Field” consciously by entering “The State”

4.  Play

  • Become receptive (part of the state)
  • Notice to calibrate
  • Notice to engage in the field
  • Tools & toys : Hundreds of fun tools will be presented here, including things like intuition, guides, channeling, and anything else that shows up.
  • Notice shifts (monitor & recalibrate)

5.  See what’s different!