Blog Structure


Here’s a quick overview of how this blog is structured and what it offers.

Blog posts: You can find these on the Home page in reverse-chronological order, and also sorted for you under the Topics menu item. (Note: I’m just now re-categorizing, so the Topics menu will be more functional within the next few weeks. They will generally match the topics in the Holographic Emergence process which you can find under Topics > Overview.)

Coming Soon

All the rest of these are currently in the process of being set up …

Resources: This will be a menu item where I will list helpful books, podcasts, videos, links, etc. For now, you can find all my favorite books and CDs at my Amazon Store (or at this link if you want Amazon to suggest related products).

Events: This will have pages about various events I am offering such as activations, teleseminars, services specials, etc.

Classes or Lessons (some mini): Organized according to topic and offered via

  • Posts (multi-media) meditations, guided practices, group exercises, etc.
  • Videos – also on my YouTube channel
  • Podcasts – also on iTunes
  • Freebies for downloading
  • Tutorials
  • Products (classes, ebooks, kits, etc.)
  • Calls for volunteer reviewers or participants

Announcements: Any pertinent news I want to share with you. (Or maybe this will just be in the newsletter; this is yet TBD.)

Interviews and Guest Posts: Links to where you can find me on other sites.

Quantum Central: Here you’ll find book reviews and interviews with other Consciousness Technology practitioners and experts along with relevant links.

Archives: Here is where you’ll find all my non-Holographic-Emergence posts that I wrote before more finely focusing this blog, but that I want to leave available to you.